New Payment method on | Good for Zimbabweans

Skrill is no longer accepting new registrations from Zimbabwe. Airtm a new payment method has been added to one of the online forex trading brokers. This is good news for Zimbabweans who can not create accounts on skrill.

Airtm the new payment method on 

Airtm does a number of things I will not cover all in my the review. Airtm is a USD online wallet that one can keep money and its backed by USD dollars. On the other hand its a peer to peer exchange platfrom where members of airtm websites can exchange currencies between one another. A good example is if you have PayPal and you need eco cash you can use airtm to get this done. If you need skrill and you have ecocash you can do the exchange on the website. 

I have used airtm to sell my amazon gift card you can check out the video in my other article here

The future of Airtm in Zimbabwe

I am not a prophet but this site can solve many cash challenges that Zimbabweans are facing. Basing on the fact that has added airtm as a payment method to thier platform, Then what will stop other forex brothers like hotforex to do the same. People love to have freedom with their money. Freedom to use their money how ever they want. If you understand how peer to peer works you would understand the freedom of payment that aritm has. 

If other websites can use airtm as a payment option what will stop Zimbabwean companies to have airtm as a payment method on their websites? I would also want to sell my online courses through airtm. I can’t wait to see this happen. 

Why do people in Zimbabwe use is an online binary and forex trading plartfrom that is commonly used in Zimbabwe. When I asked in a number of whatsapp groups why most forex traders in Zimbabwe. One of the many reasons was the ability to trade 24/7 . I am talking about the volatility that offers.


Why did add airtm?

Think about this for a second. Imagine you have a growing business and all of a sudden a connection between you and your clients is cut off. You would have to consider other options. I am talking about the recent updates by skrill, which stops many aspiring forex traders to find an easy way out. In my opinion that could be the reason why it was added.

Is Airtm safe to use? 

Airtm has been popular in countries like Venezuela read this post. If you are to do research about airtm in Venezuela you will understand how safe it is to use the platform. Another supporting factor is the peer to peer model. Just because the money is moving from one person to another without a middleman. It is the same model that is used by localbitcoins. The difference is that airtm is a USD wallet and local bitcoins is bitcoin. 

The platform has a global community which means getting a solution on airtm is much faster. 


I have been using airtm myself for a few months. I am still learning how to use some of the features on the website. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I know I am not the only one who is using this website. Please leave your comments, questions below

4 thoughts on “New Payment method on | Good for Zimbabweans”

  1. Hi Kuda. Thanks for the post. Airtm is a good website. I started using it not very long ago when you posted about how you got cash for an amazon gift card. I did a test deposit using my Skrill account and it went very well. I also did a test withdrawal using Ecocash and that’s where there is a limitation. My request automatically cancelled several times as the system could not find a peer. I think it is because very few Zimbos are aware of this site.

    1. Hi Yes that is correct a lot of Zimbabweans are not aware of i think in a few months more and more people will know about it. I have been selling on the platform as well. If you log in your airtm account you will realise many Zimbabweans needs airUSD. ANother tip please get your account verified as well

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