40 thoughts on “How to use skrill in Zimbabwe”

  1. Niceone thanks.
    Wanted to add That one must get verified before funding more than $150 into skrill account or your account will get restricted for days!

    Comments always using capitals letter ahhhh

    1. Hi thanks do much for sharing this I hope this will help a lot of people. It’s always hard at the beginning… if you have more to share about your experience please share.

      About the capital letters I will ask my team to check on that . Thanks so much for sharing about using skrill in Zimbabwe

      1. I looking for Sm1 who has skrill money in Harare, I need to fund my Skrill account but I don’t hv visa card. Contact me on 0772338343

    1. Hi yes you can check out skrill affiliate program . If you refer people to use skrill you will get commissions…i am not sure of other methods you can do a Google search about it

  2. hey there!.. do you have any bank in particular that you know which issue visa cards which work well with skrill or any method I might use to deposit and withdraw money from skrill ? ,,…would really appreciate for the help.

    1. Hi Donald, Please check with steward bank visa card or barclays bank visa card. Ask them about receiving ad making payments online. Based on thier response do a test payment and a test withdrawal with skrill. Then from there you decide what to do next.

      Another option is find a friends who needs skrill and you do the exchange, But be very carefull because there are lots of people who are being conned with fake skrill sellers or buyers. ALways deal with a person you know and trust.


  3. Tawanda Makuvire

    So in short skrill funds can be deposited into the visa card of the respective banks and I can make an actual cash withdrawal?

  4. hi.I have some money in my skrill account and I was told to sell the money and get ecocash .How do I sell it ?

      1. Hi, Kuda
        Do you have a link for a whatsapp group for skrill to ecocash? If you have can you help me.

    1. Hi What you need to do is to find out how best can the person in Kenya prefer to receive their money and you use that method. But you have many options like western union, world remit, bitcoins and other methods available.
      Kind regards

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  6. Tadiwanashe Mujakata

    Thank you sir, your information is really helping! I want to to an online job which pays with skrill , is it safe for me to use skrill considering that paypal cant receive funds in Zim

    Thank you!

  7. Thanks for the post Kuda. Can I withdrawal money into my visa card from skrill. I will much obliged to be referred to some WhatsApp groups with people seeking for some skrill transfers.

  8. So if l withdraw funds from my broker to skrill can l send my funds in skrill yo another skrill user in south Africa and can they then send it to their bank and make a cash withdrawal

  9. this page is really helpful i have really got help. i was busy researching on how i can get a skrill mastercard but i think i will work with local bank mastercards

    1. Ok Great thanks I have not seen any person who has been using a skrill master card in Zimbabwe. I hope in the near futore we will be able to do so. If it happens I will write about it.

  10. Hie Kuda, thanks for the article, l have been using skrill a few months trading binaries, they asked for verification of my account and l followed what they wanted until they started rejecting all my address related documents i.e bank statement , varsity enrollment letter all with my clear address and name!! then one morning am told my account has been restricted (permanently closed) as stated in their email. l have contacted support but they have gone quiet, is this fixable, what do you advice?

    1. Hi Most brokers take uploading documents seriously. I am not sure what mistakes you did when you were uploading your documents on binary.com You may need to wait for their response.1. Did you use any VPN service to log in your account?
      2. Did you try to upload documents that don’t represent you?
      It is good practice to read their terms and conditions.

      Here is what I can help with Solution

      1. Please take a look at this video about uploading documents to brokers https://youtu.be/5IQIpoicrSk

      2. You can also try another forex brokers that work in Zimbabwe like hotforex

      I hope this will help

      Let me know if you have other questions

  11. Very informative article Kuda….I am a newbie in all this wanted to know the monetary value like when they say 10 skrill is that equal to 10 usd …..thank you

    1. Hi How are you so is you have 10 dollars on skrill you have 10USD. SKrill Uses usd value . In most cases in Zimbabwe it’s rated against the eco cash rate and ofcoz the black market rate.

  12. Tungamirai Siziba

    hie my name is Tunga, so if skrill does not accept any new registrations what can i do as an alternative. i would like to link the skrill to my forex trading platform. if you know any other e wallets i could use instead please do let me know.

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