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Video:Steps to exchange amazon gift card for cash in Zimbabwe

This article explains the steps I took to get cash from an Amazon gift card that I received while in Zimbabwe. I have received a number of Amazon gift cards a lot of times. Due to challenges in Zimbabwe, I wasn’t be able to get cash for the amazon cards until I came across a website that helped me. Let’s get into the process.

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If I had $1000 to invest online I would do this

After a fellow Zimbabwean lost $1000.00 USD to scammers online. She decided to get in touch with me. To check if I could verify that the website she invested in is a scam or not. I was given the link to the website. The first thing that came into my mind was a reflection of myself a few years back when I wanted to make money online. The website she gave me to check was indeed a scam investment website, that promised a return on investment.

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