"To know the road ahead,
ask those coming back"

I got started with online entrepreneurship a few years back. I must say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Most would ask If it was worth it… Click to Read more


Create success partners with whom I will share the knowledge that has changed my life especially in the area of online entrepreneurship.

What I do

  • Online Entreprenuership
  • Coaching
  • Training

Training & Resources

Internet Pro Club

Learn internet marketing & how to set up an online business that you can choose to sell when you no-longer want to work on it..

Creative 21

Learn how to create your own websites. Ideal for business owner, students, online start ups. Learn to make profits from creating websites

Bitcoin For beginners

Master Bitcoin today. Learn the ABC of bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Binary/Forex Trading

Ever Wondered About The Forex Market And How It Could Make You Rich, You're Going To Learn Everything You Need To Actually Become A Forex Trader Today.

The Online Nomads

Learn the success principles of Network marketing. See how pros use the internet to build their network marketing business by leveraging the internet

What people say

I get this reaction from many people. But this is a money making industry. Basically I sell African Print Fabrics and finished products. I've grown my business (African Queen Zimbabwe) through marketing online , skills which I gained from Internet Pro Club Coaching Programme..Thanks Kuda
After losing my day job I was stranded. Kuda advised me to offer what I know as a service online. He provided the training. I was patient I went through the training on how to do online jobs. Today I work from home, have been a top rated freelancer on upwork.com. Though it didn’t make sense in the beginning I just did what kuda asked me to do. I appreciate the training and the guidance.
Kuda has taught me everything I know about making money online. He has been very patient with me taking time to answer the many questions I had. He has also provided me with tools that have helped me in setting up my online business. With his guidance, I have set up a thriving affiliate marketing business. I am eternally indebted to Kuda for his selflessness. He is a great mentor!


My Favorite Quote

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back”.

In other words, the quickest path to success isn’t always doing things your own way and it definitely is not efficient to try to “predict” what the road is ahead. Instead, ask people that have been there, done that. You have to have access to mentors, you have access to people that have taken the road, have hit the road bumps, and that are willing to offer you insight into the road ahead.

This will ultimately make YOUR life much easier. It will speed up your process to success. But only if you are willing to listen. Only if you subtly take notes of what others are saying, because people tend to talk about their journey and will give you insights of the path they took to get there, without you even asking. This means training. This means discussions. This means live chat discussions. Each and every person can travel the windy road to success, but you can definitely straighten it out and remove a lot of the bumps in the road by “asking those coming back”.

There are many of those folks out there….

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